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As someone who went through difficult times in his life, Jerry Walters learned God’s mercy and grace. In turn, he wants to share this to readers who go through the same path. His book, 2017 Scripture & Evangelism Planner, has been fifty years in the making.

This book is a proven method that can help readers in their daily readings of the Bible. There are morning and evening offerings that follow the pattern of the six days of creation and another set of offerings at the tabernacle and later the temple in Jerusalem, where our Lord Jesus worshipped. Walters aims to make the Bible understood and appreciated by all readers of all ages.

It can help those who are only beginning to study the Word of God and also to Christians who want to go deeper on their spiritual journey.

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2017 Scripture & Evangelism Planner October–December

Walters acknowledges the importance of individual prayers recorded in scripture—from Moses, Hannah, and David to Nehemiah, Daniel, Peter, and Paul. For him, the scripture and evangelism is prayer. But he also realizes the vital part of the relationship between God and His people through corporate prayer.

Since 2011, he has been attending a daily morning prayer meeting at Bethany Church in Holland, Michigan. He also experienced it in South Korea where believers meet for dawn prayer every day. In 2017 Scripture & Evangelism Planner October–December, he encourages readers to establish a morning prayer each day with fellow Christians. If busy schedules do not permit them to pray with other Christians in the morning, then by all means pray with fellow Christians at other times of the day, whenever possible.

Walters underlines the importance of worship and prayer in readers’ daily lives. He wants them to experience how corporate prayer has changed his life and given him the strength and confidence to write and publish his daily Bible study.

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About the Author

As a child, Jerry Walters suffered from asthma and bouts of pneumonia. At that age, he became an avid reader of the Bible. It is no wonder that God’s Word has always been a part of his life. He became a Sunday school teacher and served in many areas of ministry and church life. His work background includes raising flowering bare-root perennials at his family nursery in Holland, Michigan. In 2013, he went to two study tours in South Korea where he met Woonia Back. They got married a year later.

2017 Scripture & Evangelism Planner

“The ancient story of a righteous man, Job, and his unjust suffering invoke many questions. Here are just a few of them: Why does a just add holy God allow his people to suffer? What role does Satan play in all this? Does tragedy befall someone because of sin or mistake they committed? (Job 1).”

“A ruler is God’s agent of wrath to bring punishment to those who do wrong. A believer in Christ must obey in good conscience and not just out of fear of punishment. This is the reason why you have to pay taxes to support those who are in government. Give everyone in authority over you what you are obligated to give. If you owe taxes, then pay your taxes. If revenue, then pay revenue. If respect, then show your leaders respect (Rom. 13:4–7).

“The gospel of Mark recounts the events that happened immediately after the resurrection of Jesus. Mary Magdalene, whom Jesus had cast out seven demons, was the first person to whom Jesus appeared after He rose from the dead. She told the disciples who were still mourning and weeping over the tragic death of their beloved master. In grief and denial, the followers of Jesus refused to believe Mary’s testimony that Jesus was alive (Mark 16:9–11).

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2017 Scripture & Evangelism Planner October–December

“The psalmist exclaims the love of God reaches to the heavens, His faithfulness to the skies. The Lord’s righteousness is as grand as the mighty snowcapped mountains that He created. His justice runs as deep as the Great Sea. God is the Great Creator and Sustainer who preserves both man and the animals that He made. How priceless is the love of God! (Ps. 36).”

“While Jesus was teaching the crowds using parables, people bring their little children to be touched by Jesus. The disciples, trying to maintain order, scolded the people for bothering Jesus while He is teaching important truths of the Kingdom of God. Jesus called the little children to Him, telling His disciples not to hinder them because the Kingdom of God belongs to future believers, such as these small children (Luke 18:15–16).”

“The Colossians must rely on the gospel of Christ and not on the simplistic principles that his fallen world holds up as wisdom (Col. 2:8).

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It’s a pleasure to have you here. I hope you learned insights from my books that will help you on your spiritual journey. If you have concerns or questions, just leave me a message. I’d love to hear from you. Have a blessed day!